From the Commish…

2016 Grand Final Weekend

A huge weekend is upon us as our 13 league premierships and the AFLCoach Champions League title is up for grabs…so here we go…

AFLCoach Champions League Final

(FV) Mo Fo’s Bros versus (YA) Leather Lovers

(F)KENNEDY-GUNSTON 37-20, (W)HANNEBERY-KENNEDY 54-54, 91-74, (M)GAFF-MONTAGNA 38-33, 129-107, (D)RAMPE-SHAW 40-30, 169-137, (M)CONIGLIO-CONIGLIO 23-23, 192-160, (F)FRANKLIN-JOHNSON 3-24, 195-184, (R)HAMPSON-JACOBS 25-43, 220-227, (F)BETTS-MATERA 35-4, 255-231, (C)CRIPPS-CRIPPS 36-36, 291-267, (H)DOCHERTY-MAY 18-15, 309-282, (T)ROCKLIFF-SLOANE 15-30, 324-312, (I)HILL-RICH 10-25, 334-337, (M)BOYD-HOPPER 30-15, 364-352. Mo Fo wins by 12.

League Grand Finals

Tom Henry

69-Lyons v Tetleys (1v2) Tip – Lyo by 23

gfth(F)GUNSTON-DARLING 20-24, (C)SHUEY-KENNEDY 21-21, 41-45, (M)COTCHIN-MARTIN 28-31, 69-76, (D)SHAW-MCGOVERN 30-25, 99-101, (H)RIEWOLDT-MAY 30-15, 129-116, (F)LYNCH-FRANKLIN 21-3, 150-119, (R)KREUZER-LYCETT 24-25, 174-144, (T)VINEY-MITCHELL 33-12, 207-156, (M)PITTARD-GIBBS 19-33, 226-189, (F)WATTS-MOORE 4-2, 230-191, (W)SLOANE-ROCKLIFF 44-57, 274-248, (I)SELWOOD-MOTLOP 25-20, 299-268, (M)BOYD-PARISH 329-287. Lyons win by 42.



Lachlan Veale

Tubbsy’s Terrors v Pride of Manchester (2v3) Tip – POM by 3


 (M)GAFF-STEVEN 38-23, (M)MITCHELL-NEWNES 22-28, 60-51, (R)HAMPSON-MUMFORD 25-31, 85-82, (I)SMITH-GREENE 30-10, 115-92, (F)JOHNSON-KENNEDY 24-37, 139-129, (W)CONIGLIO-PENDLEBURY 37-64, 176-193, (C)WINES-COTCHIN 30-12, 206-205, (H)RIEWOLDT-LYNCH 30-18, 236-223, (T) CROUCH-SWALLOW 12-42, 248-265, (F)JENKINS-BALLANTYNE 19-4, 267-269,  (D)DOCHERTY-SHAW 30-30, 297-299, (F)HAWKINS-WALKER 19-23, 316-322, (M)MONTAGNA-ZAHARAKIS 33-31, 349-353. POM win by 4.






Pocket Stars v Ginger Ninja’s (2v4) Tip – G N by 7


 (F)LYNCH-KENNEDY 19-37, (C)KENNEDY-THOMPSON 21-18, 40-55, (T)GREENWOOD-GRAY 6-15, 46-70, (M)LEWIS-SLOANE 27-19, 73-89, (M)SHIEL-LAIRD 25-23, 98-112, (F)JENKINS-BETTS 19-35, 117-147, (R)GRUNDY-GAWN 41-39, 158-186, (H)MCDONALD-GIBSON 15-9, 173-195, (D)RAMPE-SIMPSON 40-25, 213-220, (M)KELLY-VINCE 20-22, 233-242, (W)PARKER-ROCKLIFF 52-57, 285-299, (I)ZORKO-BRAYSHAW 5-10, 290-309, (F)HAWKINS-HOGAN 19-23,  309-332. Ninja’s win by 23.






Snowball II v Redbacks (3v1) Tip – Red by 37


(F)RIOLI-BREUST 1-10, (H)RIEWOLDT-HOULI 30-21, 31-31, (M)CONIGLIO-MITCHELL 23-22, 54-53, (I)HILL-HALL 10-30, 64-83, (F)MCCARTIN-WRIGHT13-8, 77-91, (F)LYNCH-BETTS 19-35, 96-126, (R)HAMPSON-GAWN 25-39, 121-165, (C)CRIPPS-MUNDY 36-18, 157-183, (D)SIMPSON-DOCHERTY 25-30, 182-213, (M)TYSON-MITCHELL 30-30, 212-243, (T)ROBINSON-ROCKLIFF 21-15, 233-258, (W)BONTEMPELLI-DANGERFIELD 50-55, 283-313, (M)DAHLHAUS-BOAK 23-26, 306-339. Redbacks win by 33.






The Magicians v Wild Boys (1v2) Tip – Mag by 25


 (M)MITCHELL-LEWIS 22-27, (F)KENNEDY-GUNSTON 37-20, 59-47,  (T)SHIELS-MITCHELL 21-12, 80-59, (H)RIEWOLDT-RANCE 30-12, 110-71, (D)HOULI-WILSON 10-10, 120-81, (F)RIOLI-CAMERON 1-22, 121-103, (W)TRELOAR-HANNEBERY 65-54, 186-157, (R)LOBBE-MUMFORD 23-31, 209-188, (C)KENNEDY-THOMPSON 21-18, 230-206, (M)ROSS-TYSON 34-30, 264-236, (I)HARVEY-ZORKO 15-5, 279-241, (F)HAWKINS-HOGAN 19-23, 298-264, (M)VINEY-HUNTER 27-30, 325-294. Magicians win by 31.




Nemesis v Anathema (1v2) Tip – Nem by 18


 (H)RANCE-MCGOVERN 12-27, (T)ARMITAGE-SHIELS 12-21, 24-48, (F)KENNEDY-MEMBREY 37-18, 61-66, (C)WARD-NEALE 15-24, 76-90, (M)MITCHELL-MUNDY 22-15, 98-105, (D)PITTARD-RAMPE 15-40, 113-145, (M)ELLIS-CROUCH 20-17, 133-162, (F)DARLING-LYNCH 24-21, 157-183, (M)TRELOAR-VINCE 38-22, 195-205, (W)ROCKLIFF-HANNEBURY 57-54, 252-259, (R)GAWN-SMITH 39-15, 291-274, (I)STEVEN-DANGERFIELD 20-30, 311-304, (F)LYNCH-HAWKINS 19-19, 330-323. Nemesis win by 7.






Mutes Maulers v Drop Punts (3v4) Tip – D P by 24


 (M)CONIGLIO-COTCHIN 23-28, (T)EBERT-CRISP 18-9, 41-37, (M)LAIRD-KELLY 23-20, 64-57, (F)RIEWOLDT-BETTS 12-35, 76-92, (C)NEALE-CRIPPS 24-36, 100-128, (H)MCDONALD-DOCHERTY 15-18, 115-146, (M)CROUCH-TYSON 17-30, 132-176, (W)TRELOAR-DANGERFIELD 65-55, 197-231, (F)LYNCH-HAWKINS 19-19, 216-250, (R)ROUGHEAD-GAWN 11-39, 227-289, (D)BOYD-SIMPSON 15-25, 242-314, (I)BOAK-BONTEMPELLI 20-30, 262-344, (F)WALKER-DANIHER 23-21, 285-365. Punts win by 80.






Mo Fo’s Bro’s v Tarneit Tigers (1v2) Tip – T T by 1


(W)HANNEBURY-MITCHELL 54-31, (R)HAMPSON-NAITANUI 25-19, 79-50, (M)GAFF-COTCHIN 38-28, 117-78, (F)KENNEDY-RIEWOLDT 37-12, 154-90, (M)CONIGLIO-ELLIS 23-20, 177-110, (F)FRANKLIN-JENKINS 3-19, 180-129, (C)CRIPPS-PRIDDIS 36-24, 216-153, (H)DOCHERTY-MCDONALD 18-15, 234-168, (F)BETTS-HOGAN 35-23, 269-191, (D)RAMPE-CUTLER 40-25, 309-216, (T)ROCKLIFF-CURNOW 15-18, 324-234, (I)HILL-DANGERFIELD 10-30, 334-264, (M)BOYD-BONTEMPELLI 30-27, 364-291. Mo Fo win by 73.






Whitesox Warriors v GoYouBlueThing (1v3) Tip – GYBT by 48


(T)RIOLI-PRIDDIS 24-27, (M)COTCHIN-GAFF 28-38, 52-65, (F)BRUCE-MOORE 6-2, 58-67, (M)MILLER-LAIRD 32-23, 90-90, (M)WINES-CROUCH 28-17, 118-107, (F)WALKER-BETTS 23-35, 141-142, (W)SLOANE-GIBBS 44-59, 185-201, (R)GAWN-HAMPSON 39-25, 224-226, (C)WARD-CRIPPS 15-36, 239-262, (H)BROWN-DOCHERTY 21-18, 260-280, (I)PETRACCA-PEARCE 5-20, 265-300, (D)TAYLOR-SHAW 10-30, 275-330, (F)DICKSON-HOGAN 23-23, 298-353. GYBT win by 55.





Smash-Da-Smish v Frankdaguns (2v1) Tip – SDS by 22


(F)KENNEDY-DARLING 37-24, (W)LEWIS-KENNEDY 46-54, 83-78, (F)LYNCH-RIOLI 19-1, 102-79, (T)MAYNE-LOBBE 6-9, 108-88, (I)NEWNES-GRAY 15-15, 123-103, (F)BETTS-FRANKLIN 35-3, 158-106, (R)GAWN-NAITANUI 39-19, 197-125, (H)DOCHERTY-MAY 18-15, 215-140, (M)TYSON-MASTEN 30-30, 245-170, (M)JONES-DUMONT 29-18, 274-188, (D)BOYD-RAMPE 15-40, 289-228, (M)HUNTER-CONIGLIO 30-23, 319-251, (C)SHIEL-HEWETT 6-3, 325-254. Smish win by 71.






Blue Boys v Brazilian Bulldogs (1v5) Tip – Blu by 4


 (W)KENNEDY-LEWIS 54-46, (M)SHUEY-HANNEBERY 21-33, 75-79, (F)RIOLI-FRANKLIN 1-3, 76-82, (I)GREENE-HILL 10-10, 86-92, (H)GUNSTON-TALIA 24-9, 110-101, (M)MITCHELL-WINES 30-28, 140-129, (F)KENNEDY-SHULZ 37-4, 177-133, (F)RIEWOLDT -WALKER 12-23, 189-156, (R)KREUZER-MCEVOY 24-17, 213-173, (D)SIMPSON-HURN 25-5, 238-178, (T)CURNOW-SWALLOW 18-42, 256-220, (M)GIBBS-TYSON 33-30, 289-250, (C)SELWOOD-NEALE 9-24, 298-274. Blue win by 24.






Sherrin Fighters v Willy Wonkers Footy Factory (1v2) Tip – WWF by 17


(F)RIOLI-KENNEDY 1-37, (C)RIEWOLDT-WHITFIELD 30-27, 31-64, (C)CUNNINGTON-MARTIN 24-15, 55-79, (M)ROSS-NEALE 34-40, 89-119, (F)CAMERON-FRANKLIN 22-3, 111-122, (I)HILL-SMITH 10-10, 121-132, (D)HOULI-DOCHERTY 10-30, 131-162, (T)JONES-WINES 15-18, 146-180, (M)GIBBS-TRELOAR 33-38, 179-218, (M)TYSON-CROUCH 30-33, 209-251, (R)GOLDSTEIN-MARTIN 28-39, 237-290, (W)MERRETT-HANNEBERY 67-54, 304-344, (F)LYNCH-DANIHER 19-21, 323-365. Wonkers win by 42.






House of Pain v Buzzle (1v5) Tip – HOP by 3


 (H)HOULI-GIBSON 21-9, (C)COTCHIN-MUNDY 12-18, 33-27, (M)SMITH-TRELOAR 21-38, 54-65, (D)PITTARD-MAY 15-25, 69-90, (F)RIEWOLDT-WALKER 12-23, 81-113, (R)JACOBS-GAWN 43-39, 124-152, (T)PRIDDIS-CURNOW 27-18, 151-170, (M)HILL-VINCE 31-22, 182-192, (F)JOHNSON-WATTS 24-4, 206-196, (W)DANGERFIELD-LEWIS 55-46, 261-242, (M)TYSON-ENRIGHT 30-24, 291-266, (I)STEVEN-BONTEMPELLI 20-30, 311-296, (F)BETTS-DICKSON 35-23, 346-319. Hop win by 27.





AFLCoach Cup Final

LV – RAY VICTORY 387 defeated by EA – POCKET STARS 395 - What a game, surely no one deserves to lose with a score of 387, but that was to be the case as Ray Victory fell oh so short again, a potential treble winner coming up completely empty. For the winners it’s full steam ahead, the Stars with their league grand final this week, and for the EAFCFF, their second Cup, the first league to that mark…well done Jonny ! In a remarkable game the lead changed just the once, Ray leading all the way until Jenkins put the Stars ahead at the death, Ray at one stage leading by 47 points thanks to Robinson, Rockliff and Shuey, but the Stars just kept coming, chipping and chipping until the big Crows forward went to work. Of note the Insider battle…fantastic stuff. BOG – Jenkins.

(T)ROBINSON-GREENWOOD 33-6, (R)MCEVOY-GRUNDY 25-50,58-56, (M)HANNEBERY-ADAMS 37-21,95-77(W)ROCKLIFF-PARKER 79-68,174-145, (C)SHUEY-KENNEDY 39-21, 213-166, (D)MCDONALD-RAMPE 10-15, 223-181(H)BOYD-MCDONALD 15-30, 238-211, (F)BREUST-LYNCH 14-18, 252-229, (I)DANGERFIELD-ZORKO 55-60, 307-289(F)THOMAS-LYNCH 7-12, 314-301, (M)NEALE-LEWIS 31-27, 345-328, (M)CROUCH-SHIEL 24-30, 369-358, (F)LYNCH-JENKINS 18-37, 387-395.



2015 Results

Congratulations to our 12 premiers for 2015, four of them minor premiers, and two of them Cinderella stories from Elimination finals…the Guru far more accurate this year tipping 8 correctly. And didn’t we see some hidings, half the premierships decided by 58 points or more. The closest margin was 10 points in the MBFL, and from a players perspective we saw Rockliff, Sandilands, Hurley, Cripps, Hannebery and Cameron dominate…if you had them ! If you were on the receiving end, there’s always next year.

Thanks for playing all, more posts to follow during the offeason…

Tom Henry

shavgriShadows (2) v Grizzlies (5) : The Shadows are chasing an incredible fourth successive premiership, while for the Grizzlies they haven’t been to the big one since 2009. The Shadows got lucky in the Second Semi, the Grizzlies an unstoppable force by 48 points.

(M)BARTEL 23-25 SIDEBOTTOM, (F)CAMERON 45-6 JOHNSON, 68-31, (T) GUTHRIE 24-16 SHIELS, 92-47, (W)PENDLEBURY 57-52 GOLDSTEIN, 149-99, (F)ROUGHEAD 21-8 STRINGER, 170-107, (H)LYNCH 18-18 HOOKER, 188-125, (C)PRIDDIS 40-36 CRIPPS, 228-161, (I)DOUGLAS 30-25 SMITH, 258-186, (D)RAMPE 20-20 WILLIAMS, 278-206, (M)HENNEBERY 39-16 GREENE, 317-222, (M)MCVEIGH 27-28 DAHLHAUS, 344-250, (R)GRUNDY 31-47 SANDILANDS, 375-297, (F)WALKER 19-12 HOGAN, 394-309.

The Shadows stun the Grizzlies, four flags in a row a tremendous effort from Phil as his boys stood up when it mattered most, halting the Grizzlies run in impressive style. Leads of 45, 63, 72 and 85 points at the finish highlighted their all round class as they built on the early lead set up by Cameron who was easily best afield.

Lachlan Veale

pomvrvPride of Manchester (2) v Ray Victory (5) : Ray are on a roll as well, coming from 5th after sneaking into the finals in the last week. 3 time winners Ray will be confident, POM last years bridesmaid…and i’m tipping that to repeat, Ray by 26 points.

(W)PENDLEBURY 57-79 ROCKLIFF, (M)GREENE 16-32 BOYD, 73-111, (R)BAGULEY 5-29 MCEVOY, 78-140, (T)SWALLOW 12-32 EBERT, 90-172, (C)ADAMS 48-36 DANGERFIELD, 138-208, (H)LYNCH 15-6 HANSEN, 153-214, (I)CRIPPS 20-25 BONTEMPELLI, 173-239, (F)WALKER 19-1 BREUST, 192-240, (F)KENNEDY 7-8 LYNCH, 199-248, (M)MURPHY 22-39 HANNEBURY, 221-287, (D)SHAW 25-10 DUNN, 246-297, (M)STEVEN 33-34 NEALE, 279-331, (F)GARLETT 12-8 STRINGER, 291-339.

After Rockliff and McEvoy blaster Ray out of the blocks there was no turning back, at one stage the lead 82 points, and though the POM just kept chipping away, the lead given up early was simply too much to overcome. Ray from 5th completing a Cinderella run after making the finals in the last week, big boy McEvoy with the medal.


scovredScorpions (1) v Redbacks (3) : The Scorpions are chasing back to back flags and would achieve 3 in 4 years if they get up, for Robbo and his Redbacks it’s been a quick rebuild from 2011 spooners to get to this, It’ll be closer than most think, Scorpions by 3 points.

(F)HAWKINS 12-1 BREUST, (T)SWALLOW 12-56 ROCKLIFF, 24-57, (F)CAMERON 45-8 STRINGER, 69-65, (H)HOOKER 18-21 GIBSON, 87-86, (M)TRELOAR 28-19 BOAK, 115-105, (F)WALKER 19-14 BETTS, 134-119, (W)KENNEDY 64-52 DENGERFIELD, 198-171, (M)LEWIS 31-34 MITCHELL, 229-205, (I)STEVEN 30-15 MAYES 15, 259-220, (R)SINCLAIR 14-47 SANDILANDS, 273-267, (C)CUNNINGTON 20-36 MUNDY, 293-303, (D)DUNN 10-25 DOCHERTY, 303-328, (M)ELLIS 24-20 THURLOW, 327-348.

What an unbelievable finish, the Scorpions 39 points up at the last change and seemingly back to back flags assured, and then a complete collapse, Robbo’s Redbacks storming home over the top to record a famous 21 point win and record their first flag. A ripping contest, Rockliff taking the medal, and Sandilands brilliant.


bafflgfThe Magicians (1) v The Thrashers (4) : Like the Scorpions, The Magicians will be seeking back to back and 3 in 4 year glory, whilst The Thrashers are looking to give the trophy cabinet cleaner something to do, veterans v upstarts, Magicians by 24 points.

(M)ENRIGHT 21-16 GREENE, (T)SHIELS 16-28 BLICAVS, 37-44, (F)HAWKINS 12-8 STRINGER, 49-52, (R)LOBBE 29-27 SMITH, 78-79, (D)HOULI 0-25 SHAW, 78-104, (M)TRELOAR 28-23 GAFF, 106-127, (F)RIOLI 8-2 DARLING, 114-129, (F)KENNEDY 7-14 BETTS, 121-143, (W)SWAN 27-47 ARMITAGE, 148-190, (C)KENNEDY 36-4 CONIGLIO, 184-194, (H)RIEWOLDT 30-24 TAYLOR, 214-218, (I)DOUGLAS 30-20 MONTAGNA, 244-238, (M)ZAHARAKIS 20-5 JONES, 264-243.

The Thrashers led most of the day, and held a whopping 42 point lead at the last change, but when Kennedy, Riewoldt and Douglas all dominated late, and Jones fell over, it was the Magicians storming home to back to back flags as a minor premier finally collected the major prize. Kennedy took the medal, simply sensational late.


eafcffgfDancefloor Demons (1) v Ginger Ninja’s (3) : The Demons are back to the Grand Final after four frustrating years and have dominated the season, the surprising Ninja’s, who will have all neutrals aboard, will be popping their GF cherry after spooning in 2011, and they’ll enjoy it, Ninja’s in a boilover by 6 points.

(W)SELWOOD 33-79 ROCKLIFF, (I)SMITH 25-15 HANLEY, 58-94, (C)WARD 24-20 CUNNINGTON, 82-114, (D)SHAW 25-40 KOLODJASHNIJ, 107-154, (T)CONIGLIO 12-24 RISCHITELLI, 119-178, (M)WHITFIELD 22-24 ELLIS, 141-202, (M)GODDARD 27-25 SLOANE, 168-227, (M)HARTLETT 32-29 THOMPSON, 200-256, (F)GUNSTON 24-14 BETTS, 224-270,  (F)MARTIN 0-7 KENNEDY, 224-277, (F)BUTCHER 0-22 TIPPETT, 224-299, (R)MARTIN 44-40 GAWN, 268-339, (H)IBBOTSON 24-21 GIBSON, 292-350.

Ninja’s were never headed after Rockliff dominated early, gradually increasing their lead through the afternoon with their forwards adding some icing to an across the board effort, the Demons unable to re-produce their regular season form when it mattered most. Rockliff was clearly best afield in a dominant display at wildcard.


pfflgfNemesis (1) v Big V (3) : What a year the reigning premier Nemesis have had, clearly dominant all the way and surely back to back glory awaits, but they struggled past Big V by a solitary point in the Second Semi. The romantics will be with Big V taking their first flag, but it’ll be Nemesis by 27 points.

(M)TRELOAR 28-19 SELWOOD, (W)ROCKLIFF 79-52 GOLDSTEIN, 107-71, (C)CUNNINGTON 20-16 GRAY, 127-87, (H)RANCE 12-6 HANSEN, 139-93, (M)ELLIS 24-31 LEWIS, 163-124, (F)LYNCH 8-8 RIOLI, 171-132, (F)KENNEDY 7-14 LECRAS, 178-146, (T)ARMITAGE 28-32 JACK, 206-178, (R)GAWN 40-47 SANDILANDS, 246-225, (D)DUNN 10-10 ROBERTON, 256-235, (I)STEVEN 30-25 PEARCE, 286-260, (M)WARD 23-34 MITCHELL, 309-294, (F)DARLING 2-0 MARTIN, 311-294.

Nemesis hold on and score a 17 point win in a match that had everything, late withdrawals on both sides and a form book thrown out the window. Medallist Rockliff set up an early lead, but the Big V had cut it back to 21 points at the last change. It was too little too late however, the favourites holding on for worthy back to back flags.


mbflgfWiggums Chiefs (1) v Snoozulooz (2) : Two time champ Chiefs have had a great year, but Snooz are chasing the threepeat and have been right on their tail. It was a comfortable win for the Chiefs in the Second semi, and it will be again, no threepeat here, Chiefs by 48 points.

(F)GUNSTON 24-45 CAMERON, (D)MALCESKI 40-25 SHAW, 64-70, (F)DIXON 18-21 ROUGHEAD, 82-91, (C)THOMPSON 4-20 DOUGLAS, 86-111, (T)SHIELS 16-28 SLOANE, 102-139, (W)PENDLEBURY 57-57 STEVEN, 159-196, (H)CARLISLE 18-30 RIEWOLDT, 177-226, (M)MCVEIGH 27-27 KOLODJASHNIJ, 204-253, (M)MITCHELL 34-21 HIBBERD, 238-274, (R)SANDILANDS 47-20 WOOD, 285-294, (M)VINCE 21-23 GAFF, 306-317, (I)HILL 25-35 STANTON, 331-352, ( (F)HOGAN 12-1 BREUST, 343-353.

A close start was abruptly ended when Douglas and Sloane shot Snooz clear in the second, the margin consistent until medallist Sandilands brought the Chiefs back into it early in the last, but 2 more goals from Hogan was a bit much to ask and Snooz had caused the upset. THREEPEAT…there you go Snooz…Well done !


fevgfMo Fo’s Bros (1) v Ricky Nixon’s All Stars (5) : With Mo Fo declaring themselves victorious, why bother ? And based on RNAS logo they’re on something, charging from 5th after sneaking into the finals late. That’s far enough though, WADA are in town, it’ll be Mo Fo by 12 points.

(M)CRIPPS 30-23 BARTEL, (M)CONIGLIO 14-18 SMITH, 44-41, (R)MARIC 28-37 JACOBS, 72-78, (C)THOMPSON 4-36 HEPPELL, 76-114, (T)ROCKLIFF 56-12 HUTCHINGS, 132-126, (M)GAFF 23-29 STANTON, 155-155, (F)KENNEDY 7-7 WALKER, 162-162, (F)BETTS 14-8 LYNCH, 176-170, (W)HANNEBERY 62-27 SWAN, 238-197, (H)DEMPSTER 21-18 CARLISLE, 259-215, (D)RAMPE 20-40 HURLEY, 279-255, (F)FRANKLIN 6-1 BRUCE, 285-256, (I)HILL 25-25 PEARCE, 310-281.

Mo Fo struggled to break clear, but when they did in the third quarter, thanks to the best afield Hennebery, it was enough for the minor premiers as they cruised home to a 29 point win. Ricky will be ruing a poor effort from many of his troops, but it was a great run. To the victors go the spoils, and let’s not confuse confidence with arrogance !


obaflgfGoYouBlueThing (3) v In The Bag (2) : In a repeat of last years Grand Final, GYBT will be seeking revenge over the reigning premiers In The Bag. These teams were separated by just 0.6% over the entire season, GYBT by 24 in the Qualifying Final, this time it’ll be another thriller, GYBT by 3 points.

(M)DOCHERTY 23-28 TRELOAR, (M)PAPARONE 19-16 GREENE, 42-44, (F)BREUST 1-12 HAWKINS, 43-56, (C)CRIPPS 36-20 CUNNINGTON, 79-76, (H)TOMLINSON 18-18 WOOD, 97-94, (M)EBERT 19-32 BOYD, 116-126, (W)GAFF 31-79 ROCKLIFF, 147-205, (D)SHAW 25-55 SMITH, 172-260, (T)PRIDDIS 20-16 SHIELS, 192-276, (F)BETTS 14-14 WINGARD, 206-290, (R)JACOBS 37-19 PYKE, 243-309, (I)BENNELL 5-30 STEVEN, 248-339, (F)HOGAN 12-7 KENNEDY, 260-346.

By the finish it was a belting, a scintillating second half performance from In The Bag as they blasted clear to an 86 point thumping of GYBT after leading by just 10 points at the half. Rockliff was best afield, with Smith and Steven putting in dominant displays. Back to Back flags for In The Bag, GYBT bridesmaid again.

Biatch C2

bc2gfThursfieldofDreams (3) v Frankdaguns (2) : Thursfield have come from the spoon in 2013, a remarkable effort, however face reigning champ Frank, also chasing 3 flags in 4 years. Last time they met, TOD by 105 points in the Qualifying Final…this time much closer, TOD by 32 points.

(F)GUNSTON 24-8 RIOLI, (I)BONTEMPELLI 25-30 HILL, 49-38, (C)CRIPPS 36-16 GRAY, 85-54, (D)HURLEY 40-5 MAY, 125-59, (M)KOLODJASHNIJ 27-14 CONIGLIO, 152-73, (M)HEPPELL 28-20 CHRISTENSEN, 180-93, (W)ROCKLIFF 79-64 KENNEDY, 259-157, (T)SHIELS 16-32 JACK, 275-189, (M)MCVEIGH 27-30 MACRAE, 302-219, (F)BRUCE 1-6 FRANKLIN, 303-225, (R)SANDILANDS 47-30 NAITANUI, 350-255, (H)GIBSON 21-33 JOHNSON, 371-288, (F)HOGAN 12-2 DARLING, 383-290.

Ok, so it wasn’t that much closer, 93 points the margin at the finish as TOD again were far too strong for Frankdaguns. The reigning premiers were never in it as the TOD specialists built an 87 point lead at the main break. It was party time from there, Hurley the standout as the TOD transformation came to a successful end.

Coonawarra Cup

coongfThe Dropkicks (1) v Brazilian Bulldogs (2) : 2012 – Bulldogs defeat Dropkicks in GF…2014 – Bulldogs defeat Dropkicks in GF…2015 ? The Dropkicks finished top last year and blew it, surely not again coach Gleeso, imagine losing 3 Grand Finals in 4 years to the same team…they won’t, Dropkicks by 7 points.

(W)GOLDSTEIN 52-49 LEWIS, (T)ROCKLIFF 56-12 SWALLOW, 108-61, (F)BREUST 1-7 HARVEY, 109-68, (D)ENRIGHT 20-0 HOULI, 129-68, (M)DELEDIO 22-36 ADAMS, 151-104, (F)DICKSON 12-19 WALKER, 163-123, (C)ARMITAGE 20-20 RICHITELLI, 183-143, (M)HEPPELL 28-39 HANNEBERY, 211-182, (R)SANDILANDS 47-29 MCEVOY, 258-211, (H)MCDONALD 27-9 WESTHOFF, 285-220, (M)BARLOW 31-34 NEALE, 316-254, (I)BELL 20-25 HILL, 336-279, (F)ELLIOTT 12-6 FRANKLIN, 348-285.

The Dropkicks are premiers, finally ! Well done coach Gleeso, 63 points the margin in the finish as the Dropkicks were never headed. Rockliff was the major factor early, the margin circa 40 points throughout the match as the reigning premier Bulldogs couldn’t make up ground, the minor premiers will enjoy this one.


yafflgfSherrin Fighters (1) v The Leather Lovers (4) : Sherrin were clear leaders all year, but their form of late has dropped right away. TLL on the other hand have been red hot, in the first year of the YAFFL I’m tipping a Grand Final boilover, The Leather Lovers by 38 points.

(M)GUTHRIE 22-31 CRISP, (F)CAMERON 45-24 GUNSTON, 67-55, (C)CUNNINGTON 20-36 CRIPPS, 87-91, (T)SWALLOW 12-40 GREENWOOD, 99-131, (F)ROUGHEAD 21-19 HIGGINS, 120-150, (R)GOLSTEIN 57-37 JACOBS, 177-187, (I)RICH 15-5 SLOANE, 192-192, (W)MCVEIGH 46-64 KENNEDY, 238-256, (H)RIEWOLDT 30-6 HANSEN, 268-262, (D)ROBERTON 10-25 SHAW, 278-287, (M)JONES 5-22 HANLEY, 283-309, (M)BARLOW 31-30 MACRAE, 314-339, (F)LYNCH 8-14 CRAMERI, 322-353.

4 lead changes in a thrilling match as it went all the way to the final term, the Leather Lovers victorious over the minor premiers as they kicked clear late, Roberton poor when it mattered most, and with the injury to Jones it was all over, Lovers by 31 points with Greenwood collecting the medal for best afield.

2014 AFLCoach Team of the Year

Wildcard : T. Rockliff (Bri) Ruckman : A. Sandilands (Fre)

Highflier : N. Riewoldt (StK) Defender : H. Shaw (GWS) Tackler : T. Liberatore (W B)

Clearer : G. Ablett (G C) Insider : D. Pearce (Fre)

Midfielders : J. Kennedy (Syd), M. Priddis (WCE), S. Pendlebury (Col)

Forwards : L. Franklin (Syd), J. Roughead (Haw), J. Kennedy (WCE)

Interchange : A. Walker (Car), S. Hill (Fre), T. Hawkins (Gee)

A first for Rockliff, anointed the best all rounder in his first all star appearance. Other first timers Shaw, Liberatore, Pearce, Both Kennedy’s, Priddis, Roughead, Walker, Hill and Hawkins, never before have we had so many, and interestingly a few veterans amongst them. Sandilands makes his 6th appearance, Riewoldt his 5th, Franklin his 8th consecutive, Ablett his 7th consecutive, and Pendlebury his 2nd consecutive.

2014 – We have 12 new (some repeat) Premiers, well done guys. A fantastic year comes to a close with some nail biting finishes and a couple of routs as well. The Braves in the LV our only premier coming from an Elimination Final this year, Cinderella Boy status to Paul !

Almanac pages for each competition have now been uploaded, take a look.

Well done again to all our Premiers, the Commish tipping a fantastic score of 4/12 !

It’s GRAND FINAL time…

Tom Henry

thgf(1v4) Shadows dominated all year, This Guy in fine finals form though as these two arch enemies meet. Injury concerns for the Shadows and they’ll be sweating on Pendlebury, it’s This Guy for me by 5 points.

(12-44,47-69,60-76,107-124,135-134,172-183,196-207,221-227,225-235,243-243,272-268,305-291,343-316) Swallow, brilliant at C and Norm Smith medallist, gave This Guy an early lead, but the Shadows midfield got them back in it. This Guy held on until early in the last quarter when Jack Riewdoldt booted the Shadows clear at the death for a 27 point win, and a Threepeat for the Shadows. Well done Phil.

Lachlan Veale

lvgf(2v5) Heaven help us if an Englishman actually wins, well the rest of LV anyway, a new premier at least, Pendlebury & Ward doubtful, but it’s still the POM for me, by 10 points.

(21-33,63-60,117-110,127-147,147-175,168-209,181-230,211-250,235-275,257-275,285-291,307-315,322-350) A close start until Goldstein put the Braves well clear at R, his efort earning him the medal on the day. POM then chipped and chipped away, closing to within 6 points in the last quarter as they charged home through Ballantyne, but Douglas at I had been superb, the Braves kicking clear in the finish to score a 28 point win and their first flag. Well done Paul.


eagf(2v4) The Juddernauts have come from way back to make it this far with a late run, Go Dees going for their first flag, the ‘nauts forwards could be the big difference though, sorry Brian, ‘nauts by 19 points.

(30-39,58-83,91-101,116-101,142-132,174-148,181-156,181-163,214-184,234-184,266-240,308-270,308-288) Jacobs at R and Swallow at C did the job early for the ‘nauts, but White then kicked the Dees clear at I, Swallow at T giving the Dees a 26 point half time lead. From there it was an even affair, the Dees stretching the lead to 50 at one stage before the ‘nauts added some respect. White at I winning the medal for the Dees as they recorded their first ever flag. Well done Brian.


dagf(1v2) These two have been at it all year, and both have injury concerns going into the big game, the Scorpions will be without WC Kennedy, but they’re in ripping form of late, and they’ll win by 11 points.

(28-29,42-47,72-94,114-121,151-171,178-195,196-208,216-240,241-260,279-279,295-323,310-333,338-356) Scorpions out by 22 early thanks to Mumford, Greene reducing the margin for the Devils, with Buddy drawing it level early in the last. Swallows 11 clearances however was too much for Cotchin, the Scorpions kicking clear clear late to hold on for a 18 point win in a ripping contest, well done Richie. Swallow getting the medal for the Scorpions.


bagf(3v1) The minor premiers finally showed their wares last week, but the Gunners have a tendancy to go large when it matters, this could get messy, I’m tipping a very one sided Gunners 51 point victory.

(14-7,26-11,66-23,93-47,115-94,137-109,157-137,177-172,184-191,202-215,272-261,272-276,293-318) Schulz accounting for Waite, Sloane awesome at T, but Mumford brings Magicians back into it. The Magicians forwards then took control, what a turnaround, until Rockliff put the Gunners back in it. The result dependant on big Nic at H, the Magicians smiling as he racked up 14 grabs, Magicians by 25 going away at the end, from 46 points down in the second quarter, what a comeback ! The medal to Sloane for the Gunners.


pfgf(2v1) Nemesis were the team to beat all year, but Anathema are their, well, nemesis. Their last two matches have been nailbiters, I expect the minor premiers though to win this one, by 20 points.

(32-8,44-34,69-60,87-72,105-99,127-127,145-151,188-221,210-242,214-258,264-278,293-298,298-313) Crouch at T helped Anathema out of the gates, but Nemesis led by their forwards took control then Rockliff at W put them clear in the third. Malceski at D dominant brought Anathema back into it and earned him the medal, but Mundy had only scored one inside 50, Steven ensuring the minor premiers took the flag, Nemesis by 15 points.


mbgf(1v2) The Maulers were clear minor premiers and strolled with ease into the GF, but has it all been too easy ? I’ll pun intend that Snooz, with their recent good form, will catch the Maulers napping, by 10 points.

(12-16,40-56,85-91,100-121,117-143,124-150,137-168,183-234,211-263,241-284,261-302,299-316,324-328) A tight start, Sloane at T and Shaw at D scoring well, Parker at W sealing it, or so Snooz thought. To their horror, Minson withdrew, Riewoldt bagged 6 for Mutes, and it was game on, the inspired selection of Hibberd at B1 coming in to R with 12 marks enough though, Snooz clinging on by 4 points in a thriller. Riewoldt with the medal poor consolation to the Maulers, whose minor premiership to flag ratio is a shocker.


fegf(2v5) Surely they couldn’t could they ? the All Stars from 5th, 5 wins from the ladder leader, but they’re here ! The Tanks must go in feeling confident, but they shouldn’t, Cinderella story by 7 points !

(44-40,49-65,73-87,87-95,94-121,160-142,172-151,176-190,200-212,200-237,250-262,270-274,283-274) Lynch up forward good early, until Murphy’s injury hurt the Tanks and RNA kicked clear, but Gray destroys Swan at W for the Tanks. Jacobs then easily wins R for our 3rd lead change, and RNA led by 37 early in the lsst, but Malceski at D, Libba at T got the margin back to 4, and when Crameri couldn’t score it was the Tanks running over RNA in the dying moments to record a dramatic 9 point Grand Final win…what a game ! Robbie Gray the clear medallist for The Tanks on the day.


obgf(2v1) Much spruiking from ITB as we enter the big game, installing themselves as $1.07 sportsbook favourites. They took care of GYBT by 28 in the second semi, this time it’ll be worse, ITB by 50 points.

(8-28,16-40,48-52,68-82,110-87,130-112,149-119,219-156,266-195,294-223,321-235,344-264,368-264) Ebert at T had the GYB out early, but Murphy’s injury hurt them, Greene’s 42 posies, Treloar’s brilliance at C, and Rockliff at W shooting ITB clear, the rampage continuing to the finish as ITB not only talked the talk, but walked it, a whopping 104 point win, those sportsbook odds now looking generous ! Rockliff awarded BOG for ITB.


bcgf(2v1) Frankdaguns another dominant minor premier who had a fright, the Smish dominant in the second semi by 55, margin smaller this time but still the Smish for me, by 23 points.

(8-32,58-98,78-128,106-140,111-172,123-172,131-193,181-213,206-238,211-248,235-286,255-316,267-343) Crouch at T shot Frankdaguns out of the blocks, and when Murphy went down for Smish they fell apart, Frankdaguns cruising all the way as the fans chanted in the terraces, the minor premiers ‘smashing the smish’ by 76 points. Malceski taking home the medal, the only shining light for the Smish.


cogf(1v3) The Dropkicks deserve to win, what a year, 15-3 and a 49 point walloping of the Bulldogs in the second semi. They’re fresh and ready to finish the job, Dropkicks to seal the deal, by 13 points.

(8-14,20-41,67-91,87-96,114-114,121-127,154-153,186-177,221-212,253-245,273-283,289-327,315-356) Schulz and Westhoff at H the difference out of the blocks, Jaensch at D bringing the Dropkicks back, their specialists then giving them the lead at the last change. But the Buddy factor took hold, added to Swallow at I easily accounting for Armitage, and it was the Bulldogs running away late to record an emphatic 41 point premiership win, Buddy collecting the medal for the victors.


pegf(3v1) The Bandido’s form has dropped off a cliff, and after a heart breaking loss in the AFLCoach Cup final, I hate to say it looks to get worse, the Pants in season best form, Dingy by 28 points.

(18-27,36-44,77-100,92-120,134-153,153-162,190-195,210-220,232-238,248-258,248-265,264-297,279-312) Gibbs at W gave the Bandido’s the early lead, Dingy chipping away though but it was all to no avail as the minor premiers continued to come up with the answers, the Bandido’s clearly the best team all year, and deserving winners of the first ever Penola premiership. Toby Greene earning the medal for Dingy some consolation.

 An Almanac page is on its way, but until then I will keep track of the highest score ever here, and considering we have a new scoring system this year, it’s the highest score so far in 2014…The Smegheads from the EAFCFF were the first to break the 400 point barrier in Round 7 with a score of 408, but in Round 14, The Gunners from the BAFFL racked up a whopping 445 points, an outstanding and dare I say unbeatable effort…


2013 Grand Final Results

TH : SHADOWS 156-101-75-322 def LYONS 176-94-42-312 – Possibly in the greatest game ever played, and on the biggest of stages, an epic tussle that saw the Lyons lead narrowly most of the way until Norm Smith medallist Cloke lifted the Shadows late for back to back glory, the Shadows forwards dominant all year.

LV :  RAY VICTORY 132-82-49-263 def BUNJILS BRAVES 114-86-21-221 – Ray led early and by half time their forwards had all but sealed victory. The Norm Smith going to Schulz as Ray’s forwards ensured flag number 3 for Nicho, no new inclusion to the Premiership Coaches club for Paul i’m afraid.

EAFCFF : CARVERS 134-76-26-236 def JUDDERNAUTS 138-61-27-226 – The Juddernauts had led early, up by 27 at half time, but the Carvers stormed home, Pendlebury and Norm Smith medallist Minson brilliant. Coach Thiele could only watch on in dismay from the coaches box as his Juddernauts were over run.

DAFFL : WOMBATS 143-88-14-245 def SANTA’S LITTLE HELPERS 102-57-38-197 – Another tale of the victor getting quickly out of the box, SLH’s dreams of their first flag in 16 years gone by half time, the margin at that stage 41 points, the Wombats cruising home to claim their 4th flag as Montagna collected the medal.

BAFFL : THE GUNNERS 120-83-73-276 def HUNTERS & COLLECTORS 118-77-26-221 – Close until three quarter time, this could have gone either way, but along came Cloke and ensured the small lead the Gunners held was enough, kicking clear late as the crowd rejoiced in the terraces for their first flag, Cloke the difference and a worthy medallist.

PFFL : DEVILS 139-85-24-248 def THE RABBLE 140-80-2-222 – In a game that was much closer than expected, it was the Devils forwards that got them over the line to complete a dominant year. Cornes stood out in the midfield for the losers, collecting the medal in what was an even and dour affair, the Rabble left to rue their forward woes over summer.

MBFL : SNOOZULOOZ 152-110-56-318 def RUSHBY HINDS 136-78-26-240 – Leading by 35 points at the half, the Snoozers put the foot down to ensure their first flag was a day of celebration, routing Rushby by 78 points with a massive 110 from their midfield, Minson taking the Norm Smith in a dominant ruck effort as he ‘poured on the pain’ late.

FEVOVA : GJK’S LEGENDS 130-93-19-242 def PC’S PIONEERS 118-71-40-229 – The Pioneers led most of the way after Norm Smith medallist Roughead had dominated up forward, but Legends ruckman Minson and Petrie up forward did just enough for them to run over PC’s upstarts and claim their first flag as expected.

OBAFL : WHITESOX WARRIORS 127-72-59-258 def MARAUDERS 124-74-28-226 – The Marauders went in red hot favourites, but their forwards failed to fire whilst the defending champ Warriors put in a great team effort, Ablett the standout at wildcard late to ensure ‘back to back’ flags. One may suggest the email banter following this to be quite amusing…

BC2 : JUZZY’S JEWELLS 116-115-21-252 def BUTCHER’S BRAVES 93-67-33-193 – The Jewells came out firing, leading all the way as their midfielders in Steven, Priddis and Stanton dominated to ensure their first flag. The only highlight for the Braves the standout performance up forward by Roughead that earnt him the medal.

COONAWARRA : SAINT BONES BLOODS 146-88-45-279 def COONAWARRA REDS 151-78-40-269 – The Bloods led all day, albeit by a narrow margin until Cloke shot them clear late, the target set for Reds ruckman Minson simply too much though he had a crack and collected the medal in the process. The Bloods, aka ‘kings of sledge’, will enjoy their first flag.

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