AFLCoach Champions League

Year      Winner                       League         Runner Up                    League         Margin

2015     Nemesis                     PFFL           In The Bag                    OBAFL         24 pts

2014      GJK’s Legends         Fevova        Saint Bones Bloods     Coonawarra  20 pts

2013      Scorpions                  DAFFL        Frankdaguns                BC2               22 pts

AFLCoach Champions League Final 2015

IN THE BAG             def by              NEMESIS

       370                                                   394

(M)TRELOAR 29-27 MITCHELL, (T)SHIELS 16-20 TRELOAR, 45-47, (F)WINGARD 25-21 LYNCH, 70-68. (I)STEVEN 30-30 STEVEN, 100-98, (W)ROCKLIFF 64-64 ROCKLIFF, 164-162, (M)CUNNINGTON 26-31 ELLIS, 190-193. (C)FYFE 32-24 CUNNINGTON, 222-217, (D)SMITH 25-25 DUNN, 247-242, (R)PYKE 32-40 GAWN, 279-282. (H)WOOD 12-39 RANCE, 291-321, (M)VINCE 15-22 WALLIS, 306-343, (F)HAWKINS 19-6 DARLING, 325-349, (F)KENNEDY 45-45 KENNEDY, 370-394.

In a ripping contest, it was Nemesis being crowned Champion of Champions, kicking away late to record a famous win. In what was one of the closest encounters you’ll ever see, the margin was no greater than 5 points either way through the first three quarters. When Wood struggled late out west, it was Rance’s earlier dominance that shot Nemisis clear early in the last quarter as they cruised home by 24 points, Rance with medal honours.

2014 AFLCoach Champions League – Final 

GJKGJK’s Legends(Fevova)sbb


Saint Bones Bloods (C’Warra)


GJK’s Legends W-J KENNEDY(SYD) (12) R-W MINSON(W B) (35) C-J SELWOOD(GEE) (20) H-H TAYLOR(GEE) (24) D-T MCKENZIE(G C) (45) T-D SWALLOW(G C) (24) M-M PRIDDIS(WCE) (25), J KELLY(GEE) (22), B EBERT(P A) (13) I-S MOTLOP(GEE) (25) F-C DIXON(G C) (0), H BENNELL(G C) (12), D PETRIE(NTH) (15) B-C GUTHRIE(GEE), G HORLIN-SMITH(GEE), A MACKIE(GEE) Vs Saint Bones Bloods W-S JOHNSON(GEE) (DNP) R-H MCINTOSH(GEE) (26) C-T LIBERATORE(W B) (36) H-C HOOKER(ESS) (27) D-R MURPHY(W B) (35) T-M DEBOER(FRE) (DNP) M-S GIBSON(NTH) (31), L SHIELS(HAW) (20), H LUMUMBA(COL) (12)  I-D PEARCE(FRE) (25) F-J DARLING(WCE) (12), T CLOKE(COL) (6), Z CLARKE(FRE) (0) B-T SCULLY(GWS) (DNP), J GWILT(STK) (10W), R BASTINAC(NTH) (12T) – The Legends may as well wear hooped blue and white guernseys based on that line up, and look very good on paper, the Bloods with some work to do after a lackluster performance at the selection table… (24-27,24-39,46-51,58-57,93-83,113-119,158-154,171-185,196-205,221-230,236-230,248-240,272-252) The Bloods led early in a game that would be decided by injury, late withdrawals and low scoring, in fact though low scoring it was a torrid affair, the Bloods by 5, 6 and 9 points respectively at the breaks. When Petrie slotted a couple late though, the Legends hit the lead, and with dismal performances off the bench by the Bloods that couldn’t even overcome Kennedy’s injury impacted 12 at Wildcard, it was the Legends kicking clear to record a bizarre 20 point win to become our second Champion of Champions, well done Greg !

2013 AFLCoach Champions League Final

FRANKDAGUNS(BC2) 104-85-36-225 W Ablett (31) R Hickey (26) H Johnson (30) C Prestia (8) T Jack (9) M Kennedy (38), Masten (dnp), Beams (25) F Darling (6), Elliott (6), Franklin (24) B Crouch (22-M), Enright DEF BY SCORPIONS (DAFFL) 116-96-35-247 W Redden (31) R Mumford (38) H Taylor (12) C Crouch (14) T Kelly (21) M Kennedy (38), Lewis (23), Steven (35) F Crameri (2), Cameron (14), Petrie (19) B Gibbs, Treloar With 5 match ups to decide the outcome on Sunday, it was the Scorpions smiling. Mumford and Steven were brilliant as they pulled away late for a 22 point win to become our first ever Champion of Champions. Well done Richie on an outstanding effort.